Grab Those Tissues! These Are Bangalore’s Spiciest Dishes

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Got the hots for spicy dishes? Then this should be on your foodie bucket list! Not for the faint hearted, these dishes are going to set your tastebuds on fire. While the rest of the world might throw a fit over our use of chilly. But us, Indians, we embrace it. Many of us, in fact, live for those dishes that have us sweating, our eyes tearing up, and for puffs of smoke to billow from our ears. If you are one of those, this article is just for you.

For those who like to keep it hot, here’s a lowdown of dishes you must try to satiate your cravings. And remember, while your tastebuds crave hot dishes, your stomach has to deal with the steep price for that spicy love affair. Make sure you get packets of ENO Cooling for fast cooling relief from acidity, through its refreshing variants of lemon and mint. Worry no more and step out to satiate your cravings with Bangalore’s spiciest dishes.

Naga King Chilli Chutney And Smoked Pork Ribs At Zingron

When it comes to tear-inducing spicy, we think we can trust Naga cuisine to deliver, every single time. At this Koramangala restaurant, their vast menu comes with many chilli-heavy treats. But it is the Naga King Chilli Chutney that has patrons reaching out for gallons of water. The fresh herbs and the cabbage, that feature alongside the dish hot, hot, chillies, cuts through the heat. Another menu favourite are the Smoked Pork Ribs that’s smeared with a rich Naga wild pepper and herb mix before being cooked in a bamboo shoot.

#LBBTip: Red hot chili peppers are definitely a good band, but not good for your stomach for sure! Get instant relief from the burning sensations with a packet of ENO Cooling. Available in 2 flavours, we recommend you get the Mint variant and get fast cooling relief from acidity during your spicy food trail.

Bun Bao At Phobidden Fruit

One of their Saigon Street Favourites, the Bun Bao sits unassumingly next to the ever-popular Pho at this Vietnamese restaurant. If you’d like to trade in the mellowness of the Pho for something fiery, we strongly recommend that you choose the Bun Bao. You’ll end up with a warm bowl of rich beef broth that includes slivers of tender meat, noodles, and plenty of chillies.


Assamese Ghost Chilli Drums At District 6

This spiffy brewery in Malleswaram serves up quite a few hot dishes. But the one that stands above the rest is the Assamese Ghost Chilli Drums. Between sip of their craft beer, you can bite into juicy chicken thighs that have smeared liberally with a masala that’s made almost entirely from the unimaginably, hot chilly. The accompanying sour cream is the only thing that will keep your head from exploding.

Peri Peri Chicken At Tayyabs

At this rolls and kebabs joint, the Peri Peri Chicken {available in wings, half chicken, and full versions} rules the roost. The juicy chunks of meat are layered with a robust masala that’s predominantly made from chilly. Despite the steady stream of tears, you’ll find it impossible to put this one down. And the only thing that keeps your head from exploding is the silken garlic mayo that they serve up with the chicken.

#LBBTip: While the rich flavours of the dish will get you grinning ear to ear, we don’t want you to deal with the after-effects of an upset stomach. Don’t forget to carry a satchet of ENO Cooling in the Lemon flavour, and add some much needed zesty taste to your palate.

Veg Kolhapuri At Gramin

How much damage can a vegetarian dish do, you ask? Head to Gramin to find out. On the menu, the Veg Kolhapuri listing is tailed by two, bright red chillies that indicate the spice quotient. And one bite in and you’ll know that you were rightly warned. We recommend that you order dessert in advance to douse the raging fire in your belly.

Want to douse that inevitable fire differently? Make sure you keep a packet of ENO Cooling at hand so you can cool off that burning sensation and get instant relief from acidity! Available in 2 flavours – lemon and mint, the fresh, zesty taste will get you feeling better in 6 seconds. After all, you shouldn’t need to shy away from adding spice to your life and palette, especially with these amazing dishes!

Didn’t include your favourite spicy dish? Do tell us in comments below.