What Is It?

After screening all-time favourites like The Lion King, Harry Potter And The Philosopher’s Stone and The Shawshank Redemption, SteppinOut {city-based lifestyle membership program} is back for another one of their Movie Nights. Owing to popular demand, this time around, they’ve picked the Bollywood flick, Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge {DDLJ} for the Legendary Edition of the open air movie screening. We can almost hear all you Bollywood fans squealing in delight!

Who Is It For?

Described as “one of Bollywood’s epic love stories” {known for its 1000-week run at Mumbai’s Maratha Mandir}, this one’s for everyone from diehard romantics to Bollywood movie lovers and, of course, SRK fans! Never seen the movie? Once you get over the look of astonishment on your friends’ faces {no escape from this one!}, you might decide to give it a shot, we think.

Why Should I Go For It?

Just the thought of spending a cool evening, lounging around with friends or family and watching DDLJ sounds like a great Sunday plan. Almost like a throwback to the past, for some of us. We’re definitely going to look out for some of the famous dialogues {remember the bade bade desho mein one?} and hum along to the almost iconic track, Tujhe Dekha To Ye Jaana Sanam! Throw in some mini pizzas, mini burgers, rolls and hot dogs, courtesy Hangover {no alcohol this time, though} and a round of sheesha from Kargeens, and you’re sorted for the day. Oh, don’t forget to load up on some popcorn before you sit down for the flick. See you there!

When: Sunday, September 11

Where: The Collection, UB City, 24, Vittal Mallya Road

Price: INR 350

Timings: 4pm onwards

Contact: +91 9900779362

Buy tickets for the event here.

Find the event on Facebook here.

Feature Photo: SteppinOut