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Reduce, Reuse and Recyle With Sustainable Products From This Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

Losing your sanity over sanitary products (or any other daily use product for that matter)? Fret not - Stonesoup is here to save the day, and the environment with their sustainable and economical products. Stonesoup's range of lifestyle products will replace most of the stuff you use on a daily basis to sustainable choices. We are talking about menstrual cups, cloth pads and cloth diapers, handmade herbal soaps, hair oils, cloth bags and composting products.

The brainchild of Malini Parmar and Smita Kulkarni, Stonesoup started in 2015 as a way to provide solutions and products that are eco-friendly, as well as economical. Their most popular products are menstrual cups that are designed innovatively - with no rim lines and stain-causing grooves, they're super comfortable and easy to adapt to (no more period woes, you guys!). If you're not too keen on menstrual cups, they have reusable cloth pads that will help you lead a rash-free, trash-free and cash-free life.

You'll also find composting kits that come equipped with paraphernalia to help manage your kitchen waste and turn it into black gold. Priced from INR 499 upwards, you can even buy a kit designed for children - to start their sustainable journey early. There's also a bunch of natural, chemical-free alternatives to home care products like laundry powder with citrus, natural dishwashers (made using peels, ash, and leaves) among other cleaning and maintenance products. Find a well-curated range of natural bath and body products as well as cloth bags. You can check out their website and place your orders.