Head To Stream Of Joy, A Homestay In Dharamsthala, For Peace And A Bit Of Adventure


    Looking for a quick getaway from the hustle and bustle of the city? Spend long and laid back weekends at Stream Of Joy, a homestay in Dharmasthala, that’s away from all the noise and amidst plenty of lush green.

    One With Nature

    Stream of Joy is a quaint homestay in Dharmasthala that’s far far away from all your city woes. With plenty of nature around, you’ll get to live amongst biodiversity such as exotic plants and flowers as well as some migratory birds. The homestay only serves vegetarian food, sticking to simple and wholesome Mangalorean meals, which is very much in sync with the back to basics theme of the place. But non-vegetarians will find it a bit hard here as the restaurants around also mostly stick to vegetarian cuisine because of the area’s religious significance. The tariffs start at INR 3,000 a night, and the package includes all meals and a bunch of activities too.

    Adventures Abound

    There’s plenty to do here too if you’re the outdoorsy kind. The tariff will take care of a couple of activities like bird watching and a quick trip to the artificial waterfalls nearby. River rafting is also usually a part of the itinerary but they give it a miss during monsoons as it can get a little unsafe. If the wanderer in you seeks more, the homestay is quite close to the many temples and cultural sites that you can make a trip to. The Shishila, Shibaje and Southe Thadka temples are just around the homestay and an easy stroll away. Trekking in the nearby jungles is also an option.

    Back To Basics

    If you’re looking for luxe living, look elsewhere, as the cottages here are pretty standard. That being said, the rooms are kept impeccably neat with spotless bathrooms and all of the other basic comforts ready for your stay. All the rooms are non-A/C rooms, but the climate is usually always pleasant here. We should mention that the mobile network tends to get a little spotty in the area, so be prepared to be a little cut off from the rest of the world {TBH, we see this as a plus}.