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Resin, Stone and Everything Crystal : This Artist Creates Objects That Are Magical


SubiSparkles creates beautiful and functional pieces of art using resin, stones, and crystals that you'd want to buy and decorate your space with.

What Makes It Awesome

Doctor by profession, Subitcha Krishna is the mastermind behind the home-based studio - SubiSparkles. Born out of her passion for art and nature, she makes beautiful pieces using crystals and resin blending together the best of both worlds. Each piece of art is mesmerising and hard to miss. Find coasters made out of resin shaped like agate and in corals of coral that instantly adds that hint of elegance to your dining table. She also makes containers for knick-knacks made out of resin and sparkles in different colours such as aqua blue, grey, silver and purple. 

The visiting card holder made out of resin and crystals with holographic glitter that looks like a painting of the galaxy is our favourite. Make a statement and serve your guests some tea or maybe cocktails as well in the resin serving tray with a marble effect made with solid wooden handles. From tables and wall paintings with effects of rainbows, glitter and colours that transport you to a whole new world, everything is handmade.