High Quality Coffee For All: This Mumbai-Based Roastery & Bakehouse Values Your Cuppa!

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    What Makes It Awesome

    Over the years we've seen a new wave in the coffee world, one that has only grown to be loved. But what really makes specialty coffee, special? Well, Subko Coffee Roasters, a Mumbai-based roastery and bakehouse values sustainability, quality, and mostly importantly the region and its people. These factors are precisely what make a very special cup of coffee. 

    Speaking of cup, coffee from Subko is a crop to cup experience. They source export-quality coffee from across various estates and regions in India and stress on identifying the minority of specialty farmers working to revolutionize coffee processing. This currently includes specialty grade Arabicas from Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Meghalaya. The beans are then roasted to order using high-grade equipment. This happens in small batches, multiple times a week to control freshness and wastage too. 

    Presently, Subko has some amazing single origin coffees like Tat Tvam Asi from Chikmagalur, Woodway Estate and Ampthill Downs from Tamilnadu. We also love their Cold Brew Bottle and Portable Pourovers that make enjoying coffee so much more convenient! Packaging wise, you won't spot single use plastic for miles!

    Soon, Subko hopes to source beans from beyond, starting from within the Indian Subcontinent; Nepal and Myanmar is on the radar. Prices for the coffees start at INR 220 upwards. Subko currently delivers their packaged coffees and cookies in Mumbai. They will however begin Pan-India shipping in July. Keep an eye out on their website and social handles.


    The Subko Bakehouse House in Mumbai is a gorgeous renovated bungalow that boasts of five separate experience zones. Here, you can savour freshly baked breads and treats. They are all made from scratch. We hear the signatures include a mean chocolate chip and walnut cookie, sourdough and brioche. 

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