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    You'll Love This Bangalore Decor Label's Range Of Succulents Available In Quirky Planters

    Suzanna posted on 21 June

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Bangalore-based decor brand, 220V of Love is taking a fun arts and craft approach to indoor plants and decor. Their Succulent Art Project is pairing delicate succulent plants with creatively tweaked everyday objects.

    Sucker For Succulents

    Charged with 220 volts of passion and creativity, artist Prashant Varma’s Succulent Art Project is fusing ornamental succulent plants and everyday tools like measuring cans and metal jugs to create quirky and contemporary decor pieces. With small and cheerful plants growing out of artsy cans, jugs and tumblers, these pieces are quite the conversation-starters and are sure to inspire awe among house guests.

    They come in many fun colours like bright yellows, pale pinks and turquoise. If you’re one for understated elegance, you can go for their plainer greys and grainy metallic hues.  We spotted a checkered black and white piece and a range of two-tone cans with interesting colour combinations, that we’re simply loving. Succulents make for great indoor plants as they’re easy to nurture and maintain. So if you’re looking to add a little bit of green to your space, these whimsical pieces are your best and most convenient bet. They come in four sizes with prices starting at INR 740, going upto INR 2,240 for the bigger ones.

    Indo-Contemporary Decor

    Just a little over six months old, 220V of Love started it’s Succelent Art Project as Varma wanted to create something Indian but in a more contemporary design. Inspired by the measuring tools from his kitchen, used to measure sugar and ghee, he decided to incorporate these tools with pretty succulents by revamping the objects to add a more creative and fun dimension. You can by these pieces online from e-commerce websites like Unfactory here, or get in touch with 220V of Love through their Facebook page here and Instagram here.


    Follow Prashant Varma’s blog here, to keep up with the Succulent Art Project and the his other ventures. He also posts illustrated recipes which are definitely worth checking out.

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