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    Avocado, Olive Or Cinnamon: Suchi’s Soaps Are Natural, Pretty And Cost Only INR 100

    Aakanksha posted on 13 February

    Ten-Second Takeaway

    Soaps that look and smell so good you’ll want to eat them, Suchi’s Soaps are all kinds of yummy. Think saffron, almond, carrot or even activated charcoal, with no chemicals at all. And now you can even get lip balm, shampoo bars and body butters.

    Organic Bars

    Suchita Ullal, after years in the tireless PR business, gave up being in the corporate world and took up a fondness for making organic soap. And thanks to her, we now have soaps that use pure vegetable oils such as coconut, rice-bran, olive, avocado, palm and castor, that won’t damage your skin. Telling us that since oil is the base for all soap, it’s important to first get that right, before experimenting with fragrance. Oh, and no parabens and sulfates, meaning they’re safe for most skin types.

    Soap Opera

    A small set-up that works outside her home kitchen, Suchi’s Soaps are all handmade and one of a kind. So really, if there’s an artisan batch that runs out of stock, it’s gone…forever! OK, we’re being dramatic, but that’s what we love about her soaps — you’re in for a surprise every time she gets creative. And the best part is, she’s also a baker, so that combination is winning for us. To give the bars of soap appealing colour and fragrance, fresh fruit and vegetable juices, from cucumber and mint to beet and tomato, are added. Then, additives including saffron, activated charcoal {a great anti-toxin} and even rose petals, are thrown into the mix.

    Adding to the yummy collection, Suchita now has lip balms and body butter, that conveniently slip into your hand bag or back pack. Currently in two flavours — orange and lavender, it’s like carrying an orchard around! And remember shampoo bars? She’s doing those too! Made from traditional ingredients, and suited to all hair types {yes, it even tames those frizzy curls}, these come with apple cider vinegar too. 

    So, where does the exotic fragrance come from? Well, when cinnamon, almond, oats and even turmeric is introduced to the soaps, you know the final product is going to be practically edible! We can’t wait to try out her new premium range of {although it’s just INR 120} Vitamin E, Moringa, Orange and Cinnamon.

    Price: INR 100 upwards

    Call her on 9686602599 or email to place an order.


    Make sure to ask Suchita to tell you what she has up her sleeve for the festive season. From little hampers and seasonal soaps, she loves to experiment. Perfect gifts these soaps are!

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