For Kachoris and Samosas Look No Further Than Sudha Chats

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Chole Samosa, Plain Kachoris and Gulab Jamuns


Cold Badam Milk

Winning for

Their freshly-made snacks that include those oh-so-good samosas and kachoris and the genuine warmth in their service.

Tea time tales

Open for business since the 1980s, Sudha Chats is a small-family run business. At the tiny, brightly-painted shop on Berlie Street, J Satyanarayan, the son, and his dad, P Jawaharlal are the ones briskly serving customers and gently urging them to try more items from the menu. Meanwhile, Sudha, the mother and who the shop is named after, sits by the stove and focuses entirely on the boiling cauldrons in front of her.

Snack off

The menu’s pretty short at Sudha Chats and, be warned, they don’t serve any of the regular lineup of chaats here. If you are horribly hungry {or plain greedy} you can easily polish off half of the menu in one go. We started off with the Cholse Samosa first and watched as J. Satyanarayan swiftly crushed a crumbly samosa into a small bowl, doused it with a hot chole gravy, and topped it off with generous doses of spicy and sweet sauces. The result was a dish that bursts with flavour and texture – the softness of the samosa’s potato filling, the brittle outer layer, and the tanginess of the sauces. Seriously, the secret’s in the sauces at Sudha’s. The crispy kachoris here are also soaked through and through with the sauces, and are a joy to eat. To end on a sweet note, we got a plate of hot gulab jamuns. They are soft and simply melted in the mouth. Best part, they weren’t cloyingly sweet. You can also try the cold badam milk, refreshing and with just a hint of sweetness.

The DL on the ambience

Sudha Chats sits in the middle of a row of shops. It’s painted bright red and yellow and the main shop is occupied entirely by the people who run it and the raw material. You will have to park yourself on one of the two benches  just outside the shop or stand on the footpath with the rest of the crowd.

So we’re thinking…

Sudha Chats is going to become an integral {and much loved} part of our snacking routine.

Where: 26/3, Berlie Street, Langford Town

When: 5pm-9pm, Closed on Sundays

Contact: +91 9980348380

Price: INR 100 for two