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Summer Brews And Delish Food Is Here At This Rooftop Brewery & Kitchen

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What Makes It Awesome?

Summer is finally here and the heatwave is killing us, thankfully there is enough beer in the world to quench our never-ending thirst, and our never-ending quest to find the best beer in the brewery capital of India, yes I am talking about namma Bengaluru and I recently discovered the beers at Levitate brewery & kitchen that was fabulous. The beer scene in Bangalore is ever-changing, with not just increase in quantity, in quality as well. Most of the brews offered here in levitate were of german origins and I loved the refreshing taste of the wheat strong, a south german style beer, that holds a complex malt and a low balancing bitterness that was perfect for me a stout hater. This dark amber, creamy and full-bodied beer kept me company throughout a weekend afternoon.

That said, this place holds excellent starter options that kept coming. Like the paneer scene here is by far the largest and widest I have seen in Bangalore. Each paneer dish was different from each other in form, shape, taste & flavour. I loved this version featured here, it was soft paneer, seasoned and coated in a light batter, and tossed with a light sauce and mist importantly with some green chillies that packed quite a punch.

The south german wheat is all you need during the hottest months in Bangalore. The whitish-yellow weissbier with flavours of banana, clove with a dry and tort edge was the perfect choice that I settled for as my second pint. Then came more starters, and am picking my favourites here.

The masala pappad crusted paneer, essentially is chunks of paneer marinated in a spice mix that usually is a part of masala papad, then the papad crust coated paneer chunks are fried to perfection, the results, delicious.

There is something simple and spectacular about potatoes that we all love. This starch heavy vegetable can be a great supporting cast and support the hero to the fullest extent possible, like in a mutton curry, but if need be, or can step up to play the lead role, like in this case the tandoori aloo here, it was hugely popular & went around for a couple of servings.

The malai broccoli and more paneer starters were fabulous too, but we need to move on mains & desserts too.

The short pit stop at a Mediterranean salad was refreshing, as we moved on to a delicious thin crust pizza with some super yummy chopped fresh basil sprinkle, elevated the pizza, was super delicious, highly recommended.

How can I not try a green curry, when I heard of one on the menu, it was a lovely curry with beautiful rice, loved it, the curry could have done with a bit more lemongrass and some kaafir lime leaves though.

Overall a great brew place, super amazing starters and a very decent man options and desserts. A must try in this part of town.

What Could Be Better?

The desserts were Yummy, the chocolate mousse in a chocolate dome was a brilliant idea, the tiramisu was too good, could have been great if only there was a little more coffee or an overload of Kahlua.

The cheesecake was decent, though could have done away with whipped cream & loaded more actual cheese.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000