This Sunglasses Brand Fr-aims for Every Face With Its Trendy Retro Shades

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What Makes It Awesome

Imagine Rita Skeeter from Harry Potter fancying her classic spectacles or a design mimicking one of those huge 3D glasses. Huno India, started by Vishal deals in sunglasses coming in the most unique frames that fit just about everyone. With shades made from Aluminium, stainless steel and fibre, Huno keeps up with the latest trends and ensures that you pull off the shades without looking shady. The brand is known for its unisex designs and lends importance to fast fashion with each product setting a unique trend in itself. 

Their dials come in different shapes and sizes, all of which catch the eye, most notably their oval dials with shades of red, yellow and purple. Huno doesn’t cramp the sides of your face with long frames but ensures that each frame is durable and thin, just to give the shades a sleek edge. If you’re looking for a more Emily In Paris feels, try their eye-candies with slightly large coloured frames and spherical dark dials. Their 3D-goggles like shades with fading dials in shades of purple are also a unique go to.

Huno’s range starts from upwards of INR 399 and you could spend as little as 799 for a pair of sunglasses. They deliver pan-India and also globally. Orders can be placed through their Instagram handle and you can pay through UPI, Cards and other means of digital payment as well.


If you have a brand of yourself and want to get promoted, they are up for cross promotions and collaborations.