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Drink Up, Y'All! Super Premium Alcohol Will Cost Less In Karnataka After Excise Reduction

Love your expensive wines and single malts but find it too expensive outside of duty-free shops? No need to worry anymore as we have some super news for you! In a move that will make super premium alcohol cheaper in the state, the Excise Department has reduced the 20 per cent tax on the top-most level of alcohol. The duty on it is now at a flat rate of INR 2,000 for alcohol bottles that cost over INR 3,500 {or INR 7,900 to INR 15,000, per case}. This means that all of you whiskey snobs can get your single malts and your aged blends for much less. In fact, according to a report in Live Mint, you can get a 750ml bottle of Johnnie Walker Black Label scotch whisky {by Diageo-United Spirits Ltd}, for approximately INR 4,900 — a drop from the earlier INR 7,000. This move also brings the state more on par with states like Maharashtra when it comes to prices of alcohol. And that is great considering our fine state is the highest consumer of alcohol {including premium ones} despite the duty being highest here. We clearly love to drink!

An 18th slab for pricing of liquor also has been created, which means alcohol that costs above INR 15,000 per case, will have excise of INR 3,000 flat, as opposed to 21 per cent. While the decision came on January 3, it will be a while before the reduced duty will reflect in the prices on the shelf. So we recommend you wait a while before you load up on the booze for your next party. But do let us know when you’re having this party. You owe us for being harbingers of good news!

Cheers, y’all!

This story first appeared in Live Mint. Read the entire post here.