Ride High Waves At These Surf Clubs Across The Coasts Of South India

If you’re someone who's an adrenaline junkie and loves spending time in water, get surfing! Having become a trend in India in the last few years, it has gained traction because of local festivals and cool quotient around the water sport. From Covelong Surf Club to the one in Varkala, here is a string of surf clubs along the coasts of South India.

Shaka Surf Club

The Shaka Surf Club

A short drive away from Udupi, the Shaka Surf Club is where you can ride waves and bask in the sun. From home-cooked seafood meals to hanging with local kids from the nearby village, the club is a hotspot for culture and relaxing. You can also check out Manipal and Mangalore which are all a close distance from here.

Mantra Surf Club

Mantra Surf Club - Surfing India

Considered India’s first ever surf club, Mantra in Mulki is dedicated to surfing, wakeboarding, water skiing and kayaking. They also host Ashtanga yoga classes and let you explore the backwaters of River Shambhavi. If you’re all about surfing, then head here (to get in all that vitamin sea!).

Soul & Surf Club

Soul & Surf

Based out of Varkala, Soul & Surf Club is a great spot to surf because of the high waves in the temple town. Hosting movie nights and music gigs, head down here for a relaxing weekend of chilling in the water and de-stressing from work life. Enjoy some local fare at the Soul Food Cafe or rent a cycle and catch glimpses of the simple life here.

Mumu Surf School

Mumu Surf School

Mahabalipuram, Chennai

If you want to learn surfing at rock-bottom prices, head to Mumu Surf School in Mahabalipuram. Popular amongst college kids, the super chill Mumu is a surf master with the sole purpose of teaching you how to surf. So we suggest booking your slot in advance if you plan on heading there. Once you get hungry, try some food at Mumu’s Cafe.

Vaayu Waterman’s Village

Vaayu Waterman's Village

Mandrem, Goa

Overlooking Ashwem’s beach, the club has a dedicated sports centre for surfers to hit the waves. Famously known as Goa’s only surf shop, Vaayu also offers a range of water sports like stand-up paddling and kayaking. The club has a beautiful guest house, cafe and even an art gallery. 

Surf Turf Club

Surf Turf

Located in the adorable town of Covelong (Chennai), Surf Turf has become a destination for surfers from around the world. Having hosted the popular Covelong Surf festival for the past few years now, it attracts young folk who live there for weeks and months mastering the skill of surfing.

Cocopelli Surf School

Cocopelli Surf School

Located in Gokarna, the surf club is great for beginners because the height of the waves are not too high. Gokarna is also an offbeat destination for a weekend getaway so there’s a ton of cafes around to go along with surfing. Providing daily surf lessons, the instructors here are geared to help you catch your first wave!

Kallialay Surf School

Kallialay Surf School

Pondicherry has some good spots to surf at and stronger currents than you would expect. The Kallialay Surf School is one of those spots that teach beginners as well. If you hang here long enough, you'll see groups of surfers come in regularly along with curious tourists. 

Kovalam Surf Club

Kovalam Surf Club

With free surfing classes over the weekend, the Kovalam Surf Club is a popular spot because of the mainstream beach that it is on and obviously...because it's located in God's Own Country. Focusing on youth empowerment and community development through surfing, this club helps the locals along with building their club.