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#TrendingNow: To Make Or Not To Make A Big Deal About The Sushirito

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Is that sushi? Is that a Burrito. No. It’s a Sushirito. Bringing the global trend {two years too late} to the city is Shiro with a  selection of sushi masquerading as a burrito.

An Identity Crisis?

Imagine a sushi. A delicate little morsel of vinegared rice, nori, raw seafood. One little pop and it’s gone. Now imagine a giant sushi packed in with everything from mayo and sunflower seeds to panko-crusted chicken and cubed tuna. Bringing this slightly eccentric Sushirito trend to the city, Shiro is currently offering six variations, all apparently fresh, made-to-order, hand-done sushi rolls. Vegetarians there are two options for you — The Thai Crunch with mushrooms and water chestnuts and the Summer Chomp with veggies and tofu.

The Taste Test

I ordered two kinds: the Katsu Sushirito, panko-crusted chicken, shiitake, lettuce, red cabbage, tongarashi and spicy teriyaki mayo and the Red Dragon Sushirito, Scottish salmon, avocado, microgreens and sunflower seeds with spicy teriyaki mayo. The order arrived on time in a hot box, all the way from Shiro in UB City. When I opened the box, the sushi rolls were already a bit stiff {after all aren’t we supposed to eat sushi as soon as it is made?}. I dug into the Katsu Sushirito and actually really liked the stuffing of crispy chicken, the crunchy lettuce and the teriyaki spiked mayo. But somehow the idea of tucking into something as delicate as sushi in its new giant avatar unsettled me quite a bit {call me a purist in that sense}. It felt like being on the sets of Takeshi’s Castle {I am from that era of television, you see} where nothing is actually quite as it seems.

The Red Dragon version came with salmon, but by the time I took a bite, the fish had turned soggy and the mayo in this one overpowered everything else. I didn’t get anything from the avocados or the micro greens either. But one good thing was because of the size and portions, I felt like I had eaten something substantial, yet my stomach felt quite light.

Are We Getting This Again?

Not really. I’d rather go for Shiro’s sushi delivery service, if I had to do a home delivery at all. But if I were to really try this again, it would have to be at the restaurant itself, where it is freshly made and served.

Price: INR 345 upwards plus tax

Order your sushirito on Swiggy here  or  through Entree. Download the Entree app here.