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Seen Those Succulent & Anti Gravity Cakes On Instagram? This City Baker Is Making Them

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Give that sweet tooth the sugar rush it craves and your Instafeed an upgrade in one go with the pretty cakes baked by Kriti Rao, a self-proclaimed Daker — dentist by day, baker by night {Oh! The irony}

Sweettooth For The Sweet Tooth

In a humorous twist of events, Kriti Rao, a root canal specialist by profession, is now a home baker who whips up some of the loveliest cakes we’ve seen in a while. Starting off with her food blog Skittlekat, Kriti got into the dessert game a year ago with her brand Sweettooth. Popping up on our Instafeed with photos of sugary goodies, Sweettooth makes fancy-schmancy cupcakes, tarts and cakes that are whimsically decorated and instigate immediate sweet tooth cravings {we understand why she calls her brand that now}.

Jumping on the succulent dessert bandwagon {an Instagram dessert trend of baking edible version of quirky succulent plants that look whimsy and delicious}, you can find floral cakes with realistic looking flowers and succulents iced on them, that are almost too pretty to eat, in her range of cakes. Also look out for her anti-gravity cakes that are out-of-the-box and inspire childlike wonder in even the most mature of us, with upturned jars of Nutella or Gems pouring over a yummy cake. Other crowd favourites include her drip cakes with vanilla or chocolate sauce dripping down the sides, and the Tres Leches {a Mexican cold cake soaked in three forms of milk}that come in various flavours.

Insta Sweetness

Sweettooth only operates via Instagram so follow away and DM her for details and cake orders. Prices are quite reasonable too, with the cupcakes starting at INR 75 and going up to INR 120. Kriti’s 1 kg cakes start at INR 1,300 and her tea cakes are priced at INR 500 and upwards. Entirely open to customisations, get your cake done exactly how you like it. Kriti often gives suggestions and inputs on cake designs to work with, but if you have your mind set on one of her cakes on Instagram, she will bake one just like it for you. It helps if you place your order three days in advance especially for the more fancy cake designs. What’re are you waiting for? Get on Instagram and order some of this sweetness. And endlessly scroll through Sweettooth’s tempting feed while you wait.