Hungry At The Airport? Order Food On Swiggy To Enjoy Exclusive Deals!


What's Happening?

Just landed in Bangalore airport and finding yourself grumpy with a hungry tummy? Whether you’re heading to Hebbal or all the way to downtown, we know how you must be dreading that long commute. You can now order your food on the Swiggy app and pick up your meal from the Swiggy Takeaway Counter just outside the arrivals gate. Best part? You get to skip all the restaurant queues and don’t have to waste time there. While you’re at it, don’t miss out on the cool offers that are available exclusively for orders done via the Swiggy Food Court. Deals such as subs at INR 129 from Subway, piping hot coffee at INR 29 from Hatti Kaapi, doughnuts at INR 59 from Krispy Kreme and tea at INR 49 from Chai Point will definitely have you ordering treats there.*

And there’s more! We recommend you include delectable signature dishes in your Takeaway on Swiggy Food Court, such as the fluffy goodness of Brea Roti at Brea, the wholesome combination of idli-vada and masala dosa from Ooru Canteen and the juicy chicken tikka pizza along with the spicy baked wings from Pizza Hut. If you’re in for something more indulgent, don’t forget a pick-me-up such as Smoor’s intensive red velvet cake or Krispy Kreme’s gooey Chocolate iced-glazed sprinkle doughnut.

Can't wait to get back to browsing for some yummy food on your way back home from the airport? You can now utilise your time after you've landed at the airport. Whether you're at the aisle inside your flight, taking the coach till the arrival terminal, waiting at the carousel belt for your baggage or just rushing out to your cab from the terminal. Fire-up your Swiggy App, update your location to Kempegowda International Airport and order-in from the Swiggy Food Court.

*These offers are for a limited period only.

Make A Note

Traveling some time soon? Save a reminder about firing up the Swiggy app and let it be your hunger saviour to make your long commute back home with a full and happy tummy. Use code LBBNEW and get 20% OFF, up to INR 50 OFF. The order value must be of minimum INR 129 with Swiggy Food court. Valid till 31 March 2020.