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Edible Flower Cakes, Nut Butters And All That Good Stuff: Just A Few Reasons We're Loving Taantraa's Organic Bakes

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This organic vegan bakery makes a delicious, healthy range of cakes, nut butters, cookies and granola bars — perfect if you’re trying to stay fit!

The Cake Whisperer

Vegan, gluten-free, sugar-free, multigrain — Taantraa does it all! Run by Bangalore-based baker Chaitali, this bakery isn’t just good for you, it’s perfect for people with dietary restrictions. Aside from cakes, you can also find loaves of bread, cookies and nut butters. We have our eye on God’s Own Nuts and Seed Bread — expect an assortment of nuts and seeds, as well as jaggery, rock salt and coconut oil, yum! Definitely also check out their Edible Flower Cake — who could say no to a spiced orange cake decked out in pistachio and dried rose petals?!

The Sweetest Thing

Aside from being really healthy, the cakes are presented beautifully, topped with an assortment of things from nuts to rose petals, and even orange sauce! The sauces {orange, strawberry, chocolate, etc.} are also sold separately, so if you need something on top of your toast or pancakes, they’re perfect! Taantraa is a bit pricier than we’re used to paying for our baked goods, but it’s so wholesome you’re getting real value for money here without any of the junk like processed sugar and preservatives!