Stress-Free, At-Home Tailoring Services From This Bengaluru Brand

    Indira Nagar, Bangalore

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Visits to the tailor are never fun. You either hate having to wait and try on your clothes for the tailor in cramped trial rooms or they end up charging you a fat wad of cash for even the simplest alterations. FCom tailoring is here to make life much easier for you with their at-home, on-demand tailoring services. 

    Don’t be fooled when we say tailoring service. While they do your regular alterations just like any other tailor, they also specialise in garment repairs, custom tailoring, restyling, repurposing garments, dyeing and darning. Whether you want to do something grandiose like stitching a bespoke suit for work or you want to turn that handloom saree into a stylish kurta or even if you just want to get your dress altered, FCom can do it all. 

    Here is how it works: You book an appointment with FCom by calling the number on their website and meet with their designer at your home who takes your measurements and helps you brainstorm different styles, fabrics and tailoring options. The final product will be delivered to you in about 7-10 days. They also have convenient online payment options to make your experience more seamless and efficient. 

    Basic stitching for garments start at INR 249, alterations start at INR 49, restyling and repurposing start at INR 99, dyeing and darning start at INR 199. For more details on their services, check out their Instagram and Facebook page.


    In case you are looking for a last-minute, quick turnaround on your garment, these guys also offer 48-hour express service at an additional cost. No more last-minute scrambling for alternatives required.

      Indira Nagar, Bangalore