Need A Blouse Or A Lehenga Stitched? Head Over To This Complex On Commercial Street

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New City Centre, that’s just off main Commercial Street, has a dedicated wing for your tailoring needs. Blouses and lehengas from the simplest to the grandest can be fashioned here.

What Makes It Awesome

A good tailor is hard to come by. Don’t we girls know that. So, we are helping you out with a whole bunch. On Narayana Pillai Street (it’s the right turn just before the Chumbak Store when you are entering Comm Street from Kamraj Road) sits New City Centre. The grey building sells bags, clothes, and whatnot. But one wing (the bottom right-hand side) houses a handful of tailoring shops. Dive in and you’ll find rows of compact shops at your service. They don’t stock any material here so you’ll have to bring your own. Of course, if you come to them with an idea, they’ll definitely share suggestions on what sort of fabric you need and where you can source it from around the area.

While our favourite tailor has been Ajaz (first shop on the right), customers crowd at all of the shops. When it comes to design, you can either come to them with one or choose from the tried-and-tested designs that they show you – even from magazines if you like. Don’t worry about the execution bit. These tailors will be able to deliver the latest patterns without breaking a sweat. The prices are on the affordable side too. You’ll shell out around INR 450 for non-padded blouses and around INR 750 for padded ones. Lehengas begin at around INR 1,500. Bring on the wedding season!


If you want to pretty up your blouse or lehenga with sequin or stonework, they’ll do that as well. Ajaz, for example, will show you all the patterns he’s got on his fancy iPad. But these can be pricey. You’ll get a better deal from the roadside tailors on Ebrahim Sahib Street so we suggest you head there instead. Still better than designer prices though! 

If you need to accessorise your blouses and lehengas with laces and trinkets just hop over to Surya Emporium that’s opposite this building.