Take Your Plating To The Next Level With Instaworthy Tableware From This Online Brand


Button Curry

What Makes It Awesome

If the minimalist aesthetic appeals to you then Button Curry will delight you. Super minimalist, super aesthetic, and functional, everything is handmade, painted, and glazed. They make a limited collection of homeware and kitchenware that’s simple, pretty, and versatile. Using terracotta, ceramic, and wood, find bowls, plates of various sizes, spoons, butter knives and serving boards among others. All their products are super Insta-worthy, so if you're looking to up your plating game, then something from Button Curry will sort you right  out. If you’re wondering where you’ve seen their ware before, it’s probably because it's at cafes and restaurants in the city (Infinitea is one of them). 

Taking inspiration from the everyday, the whimsical, and the natural world, their range of products are full of character without being in your face. Starting off as a B2B enterprise, they now take orders from non-retail customers too. Especially from their limited edition collections that they periodically unveil. If you head to their super calming Instagram page, you’ll see what they currently have on offer. You’ll also catch glimpses of the making process - from inspiration to compositions - on their feed. From speckled robin eggs for their plates, pomegranate for the hand carved ladles, and paint swatches for their products. They also show glimpses of exhibitions, sales, and shows that they take part in. Prices are all on request, so you’ll have to get in touch with them to buy a piece or collection.  


They're in the process of developing a full fledged website so you can directly order from there, so stay tuned for updates.