Spend Your Weekend At This Desert Town Three Hours From B-Town With Folklore, Wine And Cheese

    What Makes It Awesome

    Talakadu was an impressive town with more than 30 temples. It’s said that a queen’s curse buried the temple town in the sand. With folklore and legends hidden in every nook and corner of the town, enjoy the three-hour drive till you reach the town (and maybe make a pitstop at Mysore on your way here). Popularly known as a desert town (because of all the sand), only five temples have been unearthed and are open to tourists.

    The Vaidyanatheshwara temple is the most popular one here and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Rich with cultural history, it was built by the Cholas in the fourteenth century. Another temple is the Keerthi Narayana which was built during the era of the Hoysala dynasty. It is considered to be an example of fine workmanship. Since Talakadu is located on the banks of River Cauvery (which has white sand), it is called a river beach and is popular amongst people who live in the area to spend time with family here.

    If you don’t enjoy history and nature, there are other things to do in Talakadu as well. Did you know that it was called Bangalore's Gourmet Valley (say what!)? The sleepy town produces artisan cheese, fine wines, exotic pesticide-free vegetables. The winery and organic farms are a secret kept by many chefs who come to collect the produce from here. Get your spirits high and spend time plucking fresh fruits and picnicking. 


    If you’re travelling with bae and want to make a weekend out of it, we suggest spending a night at The Green Hotel in Mysore on your way back from Talakadu.