Make A Splash At This Gorgeous Falls In A National Park, Just 5 Hours From Bangalore


    Surrounded by thick forests, Talakona Falls is Andhra Pradesh’s highest waterfalls and since it’s just about 5 hours from Bangalore, it makes for an ideal one-day getaway.

    Take The Fall

    The monsoons are raining down on South India and it is the perfect time to picnic by a waterfall. If you’ve already visited the known ones around here, we recommend that you set your sights on neighbouring Andhra Pradesh. A five hour drive from the city, will lead you to the Seshachalam Hills that’s home to the lush Sri Venkateshwara National Park. This is a small, protected forest reserve and it’s best known feature is the gushing Talakona Falls.

    At a height of 270 metres, Talakona is a verdant spot and is a great place for a dip or to soak your feet. While it isn’t on the tourist radar, many who visit the nearby pilgrim site of Tirupati come here and it can get crowded on the weekends.

    Up The Mountain

    The falls itself is divided into two parts. The lower bit is where most people hang about so if you want to leave the others behind, you can trek up to the upper portion. However, this is tricky {especially during the monsoon, when the water is full flow} trek and you need to tread carefully. But it is worth the hard work, when you do make it to the top you’ll be treated to splendid views of the gushing waters.

    The forest that surrounds the falls is thick with wildlife. While you can’t venture in, you can surely explore the area around the waterfalls and can encounter colourful butterflies and winged beauties including rare species like the yellow-throated bulbuls and the Oriental White-Backed Vultures. You can also park yourself at a Government-run cottage nearby if you plan to spend more than a day there. If you are bringing a picnic basket, do book a room otherwise monkeys might snatch your lunch.