Talk Over Table In Jeevanbhimanagar Is Perfect To Catch Up With Friends Over Coffee

    Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Bangalore


    Looking for a place to get some great post-work or weekend snacks with a friend? TOT Cafe is a great place to do just that without spending too much money!

    Chow Down

    Potato wedges, crispy chicken sandwich, chocolate doughnut

    Sip On

    Lemon iced tea, cappuccino

    Winning For

    Excellent snack-y foods, drinks and service.

    Lowdown On The Ambience

    Talk Over Table {also known as TOT} is pretty casual — the kind of place you’d head to on a lazy weekend and grab some fries and coffee with a friend. There’s indoor and outdoor seating, and we picked the outdoor as my friend wanted to smoke. While it can get a bit noisy with traffic from the Jeevanbhimanagar main road, it’s nothing that’ll interrupt your conversation or meal.

    What’s On The Menu

    We ordered an iced tea and cappuccino to start, and both arrived pretty quickly. While we didn’t care much for the cappuccino, the iced tea was perfectly made — just the right amount of sweet and oh-so refreshing! We also ordered some fries to snack on, a crispy chicken sandwich and a chocolate doughnut to curb our sweet tooth.

    The fries were our favourite part of the meal! They came just crisp {we could tell they were freshly fried, not re-fried} and were generously sprinkled with peri-peri powder, which we weren’t expecting but loved nonetheless. The sandwich took a little time to come out, and was a little cold by the time it reached the table but still quite tasty. The chicken was quite tender and juicy, and the bread nice and toasty. The chocolate doughnut was also excellent — they had cut it into four pieces which made it the perfect size to share. It was also warm, which meant all the chocolate on top was gooey and yummy!

    So We’re Thinking...

    The prices are low, quantities are rather generous and it’s a pretty chill environment. The servers might need prompting once or twice, but are otherwise very attentive and friendly.

      Jeevan Bhima Nagar, Bangalore