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Taste of India in Yelahanka doubles up as an Art Gallery

    Yelahanka, Bangalore


    Palak Paneer, Stuffed Paratha, and Kaali Dal


    Sweet Lassi and Aam Panna

    Winning for

    Fresh, good food {reminiscent of Himachal and Delhi dhaba food}, reasonable prices, and art

    What we ate

    Recently, a British friend of ours came over for lunch and was a tad dismayed at the prospect of eating at the non-descript eatery Taste of India. With trepidation, she started to explain her gluten and lactose allergies to Amod Uncle, the proprietor and chef of the restaurant. He nodded solemnly and prepared a Besan Chilla {with a side of rajma}, solving her problem.

    The food shines at Taste of India. Uncle, as he’s popularly known, shops locally and seasonally, preparing a range of North Indian dishes. The Palak Paneer and Adrak Gajar are always fresh, and go well with the right-off-the-tava flaky, Lachha Parathas. The Kaali Dal {with desi ghee} is just like what you’d get in a dhaba, as are the stuffed parathas, with an extra dose of butter. While there’s paav bhaji on the menu, go for the chaat instead – the sweet-and-spicy Dahi Puri is perfect for the summer. #LBBTip: If you find yourself hard-pressed to make a choice, ask Uncle to make you a plate with small portions.

    What we drank

    And to wash it all down, we recommend the sweet lassi or the seasonal favourite aam panna.

    The DL on the ambience

    Taste of India is housed in the same complex as the Yelahanka bus depot and is basically a room with an open kitchen and simple seating. Lunch times and weekend breakfasts see a bevy of Srishti School of Art, Design, and Technology students and faculty descending on Taste of India. Most open the fridge and help themselves to fresh lime juice or cold coffee.

    Art attack

    On most days, there’s an art show on display – in fact, their Facebook page introduces itself as an art gallery and Indian restaurant. Recently, it was a collection of 20 storefront photographs of  Taste of Indias from acoss the globe {you will pretty much find one in every country} and before that was The King and Prime Minister, where photos of Shah Rukh Khan hawking all sorts of products dotted the walls.

    So, we’re thinking

    Taste of India’s appeal is its food and its proprietor. Uncle is popular with Srishti students and faculty, so much so that he’s also the subject of a documentary project. It’s a restaurant that you can return to pretty much all the time.

    Where: BMTC Bus Depot Complex, Yelahanka New Town

    When: 9am-6pm

    Contact: +91 9823039230

    Price: INR 500 for two

    Find them on Facebook here.

      Yelahanka, Bangalore