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From Portraits To Painless Designs: Get Inked By These Tattoo Artists In The City

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There’s a lot of us out there that are looking to get inked and there’s always the fear of the tattoo going wrong or if it will hurt too much or just getting plain cold feet. But Bangalore has a lot of reputed and trusted tattoo artistes who are very good at what they do and do not compromise on hygiene and sanitation either. So here’s our list of who you should go to, to get yourself inked.

Skin Deep

Skin Deep started way back in 2005 and is one of Bangalore’s most famous and largest tattoo studios. Located in Indiranagar, the studio houses over ten artists and does tattoos and piercings. The works can range from portraits to greyscale and they even do coverups for tattoos if you aren’t happy with your previous tattoos. They charge by the square inch, and it sets you back only INR 700 per square inch. But they do have increased rates for larger tattoos, which you can find out after consultation with them. Tattoo artistes Sudarshan, Senthil and Madan will work their magic on you.

Xtreme Tattoo Studio

Charging only INR 500 per square inch, which is reasonably cheaper than other studios across the city but that does not mean that these guys don’t make some badass tattoos. They do tattoos and piercings, and the designs are endless, depending on your choice and your budget as well. They have two tattoo studios, one in Jayanagar and the other in Basavanagudi. Tattoos are painless, they are hygienic and all safety standards are followed. They even have a tattoo training course, for all you budding artists out there. Larger tattoos are priced on the basis of size on each.

Dark Arts Tattoo Studio

The Dark Arts Tattoo Studio opened in 2003 and was founded by Pradeep Menon.  It originally specialised in Celtic and Tribal tattoos but since have diversified and now do tattoos of all types and designs. Located in Koramangala, the studio also does piercings with the help of an in-house doctor — Padmanabha. You can get tattoos of any design and colour. Prices start at INR 4,000 and you get a post care kit after your tattoo. They follow all health and safety regulations and have the latest equipment.

Sculp Tattoo Studio

While the artists in Sculp all have different design styles, they do have a penchant for nature-based design. And if you're looking for a sleeve tattoo, this is just the place for you. Each design is unique and incorporates a bit of your vibe. What's more, the store is well lit, with art on the walls and succulents to keep you calm, so your tattooing session will go smoothly.

Thapan Das

As an independent tattoo artist, Thapan's expertise is in understanding and re-creating the design you have in mind. His speciality lies in arm sleeves, and his designs range from abstract to geometric, freehand to dotwork, portraits to Mandalas, or a combination of all of the above! The only way to reach out to him is through his Instagram page, so go through his work there and DM him for more details about his studio and appointments.

Eternal Expression By Veer Hegde

True to the name, Veer Hegde will ink what you wish to express best in his homely studio. Exclusively doing only custom tattoos, he takes out time to get to know you and your idea before designing, brainstorming, approving, and getting to it. Beliving deeply that tattoos are therapeutic, have spiritual and psyschological value, Veer really pours himslef to every piece he makes. He also has had a few celebrity clients too. Get anything from mystical creatures, to nature inspired tattoos, or hyper realistic portraits. When it comes to prices, it depends on the design and detailing. 

Tattoo Trends

Tattoo Trends will be more than happy to redo a pre-existing design with their own twist or help you with custom designs too. Portraits are their speciality though! Just tell them what you want and they will send you drafts of your vision before etching them permanently. Make sure to reach out 24 hours in advance for a custom design. They do a splendid job of focusing on the details but if you want something minimal, they are happy to do that too. Colour isn't something they're too keen on, FYI.


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