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Turn Into A Teatotaler And Order From These Chai Stops Around Town

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Okay, so what if we are a coffee country? Have you seen the weather outside these days? The the chill in the air call for endless rounds of hot chai. A steaming cuppa might be the next best thing to retiring under the quilt with a book with the weather playing truant. All you need to do is head out to your neighbourhood tea room (or order in flasks and flasks, best) for cups filled with tea brewed just the way you like it. We trace out a chai trail around the city for you to sip through this winter. 

Infinitea Tea Room & Tea Store

The number of times they have repeated the word ‘tea’ in their title is a good indicator on the sheer variety of hot beverages that are on offer here. Fruity flavours, Oolongs, herbal infusions and exotic varieties such as Jasmine Blossoms and White Tea Silver Needles. You can also purchase tea leaves and accessories on your way out. Infintea Tea Room is available on LBB Shop but if you want their tea made and delivered, place your orders through food delivery platforms.


Go desi and eco-friendly at this cozy, neighbourhood tea place that serves piping hot chai in kullads. You can also choose from black, mint, and lemon tea versions that pair perfectly with plates of steaming Maggi. Chaipatty is now open for deliveries so quickly place those orders to satisfy those tea and maggi cravings! You can place your orders through their website or through food delivery platforms. 

Savera Tea

Long before drinking tea became a fashionable pastime worthy of spiffy cafes, Savera was making brisk business doling out tea. Locals flock here to leisurely sip on short glasses of sweet, milk tea and Sulaimani while swapping updates on the day’s developments. Savera is open, but considering the crowd here we suggest you have your sulaimani to go! Be smart, don't be a covidiot and go there only during permissible times as stipulated by the government. 

Chai Point

A cup of tea cannot be far away thanks to the gazillion Chai Points that have sprouted across the city (and we are very grateful for them). Take a break from work and order from the nearest Chai Point for gulps of masala, ginger, and dum chai. If you are busy being too lazy and want more and more chai, then, you can order up flasks and megaflasks. Chai point is open for delivery and is very promptly delivering chai that India loves across town!

Tea Brew

All through the day, kettles are on the boil at this pretty-as-a-picture tea room. Grab a chair amidst the potted plants and order up regular masala or ginger chai varieties that come in kullads. The more exotic versions, like Jasmine Pearls from China and Sencha from Japan, are served in beautifully patterned kettles that will catch your eye. Tea Brew is open for delivery with all necessary safety precautions undertaken.

Ramji Chaiwale

Ramji Chaiwale is the go-to for nice milky, frothy and rich chai in Bengaluru. You can relish sips of Adhrak (ginger) or masala chai that come in sizes for two, four, six and eight people. They are also known for a normal plain tea if you don't like any of that extra spices pounding your throat. Accompany their tea with their butter buns, parathas or other street food. They are open for delivery and you can place your orders through food delivery websites. 


Still skeptical about ordering from outside? Worry not, especially when you have these awesome tea mixes that you can order online. A tea party just found your home address!