Tea Lovers! You Gotta Try These Premium Handcrafted Fresh Blends!

What Makes It Awesome?

Being a diehard tea-lover, I just couldn't resist ordering a couple of teas from Danta Herbs Artisan Tea Blenders, the one-stop destination for premium selection of authentic handcrafted teas from India and Nepal featuring a wide selection of pure single-origin teas and handcrafted fresh blends! 1.EXOTIC LAVENDER GREEN TEA- * TASTE: The tea begins with a strong scent and taste of lavender leaves as though freshly plucked. After the first sip, it mellows down to a smooth floral taste with hints of earthy green. There is a chorus of flowers, grass greens fighting over your taste buds. The experience ends with a mild, beautiful after taste. * AROMA: A sharp and strong burst of lavender flowers with hints of freshly cut grass. 2. CLEANSE & DETOX WELLNESS TEA- * INGREDIENTS: Dandelion roots, Liquorice, Burdock, Ginger, Milk thistle, Fennel seeds, Star anise, Nettle leaves. * TASTE: As we take a sip, it begins with a mellow note from liquorice and ginger shines with a hint of fennel. Flavours of burdock roots with dandelion and star anise come through as it rolls in the mouth. It ends with an herbal note and with hints of spice note. * AROMA: The aroma is a mix of herbs and spices. Order yours from Dantaherbs online website now!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000