Teak Town: You Must Visit This Homestay In Nilambur, Kerala

Teak Town


If you are an off-road enthusiast then this place is ideal for you. Take that long overdue road trip and drive to Nilambur. Those who drive a 4×4 vehicle will have the time of their lives as the homestay has an off-roading track within the property.

What could be better?

Kerala's humidity is legendary. I would recommend that you avoid the summer months.

I liked?

Off-roading is undoubtedly the best part of the trip. The 15-obstacle course track will challenge you and wring every ounce of energy out of you. But at the end of it, you will feel like a champion. The ancestral home is quintessentially Keralan in architecture. Plenty of wooden accents, be it in the interiors or the furniture. The sound of footsteps moving across the wooden floor has a charm of its own. Sloping tiled roofs and thick pillars give the place its traditional hue, but rest assured that every possible modern comfort is provided here. The home is set in a sprawling estate lush with coconut palms and fruit orchards. The host. JK Marattukulam, is like that genial old uncle back home who loves it when family visits and feeds everyone to the point of bursting. I loved the food as well. They served us some amazing Malabar dishes like chicken varutharachathu, puttu kadala, appam stew and pulisherry. And of course, yummy golden-fried pazham pori {banana fritters} at tea time.

More Info?

The homestay is located near the world's first teak museum. Nilambur region is home to rich teak forests and is one of the largest producers of teak in the country. The host will also arrange for you to go on a boat ride on Chaliyar river, the fourth longest river in Kerala. Call Ranish on 8129738386, and plan your holiday!

Teak Town