Visit The Teal Door Cafe For The Pretty Ambience And Its Noble Cause

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What used to Anglo Indian restaurant Bow Barracks is now the Teal Door Cafe. A really pretty cafe space with desi meets videshi menu and a noble cause.

Chow Down

Twisted Salli Par Edu and Prawn Ghee Roast with Malabar Paratha

Sip On

Ferrerella – Nutella, banana shake

Winning For

The really charming ambience and decor, worthy of being on your Instagram feed.

Lowdown On The Ambience

Teal Door Cafe is blessed with lovely al fresco as well as indoor seating. The red-brick wall facade of the cafe is a nice backdrop for the colourful garden furniture you can sit on outside. Inside, we sugegst you go uptairs, where you can slide into one of their comfy booths with green sofas, located near big glass windows. You also get a nice view of a bunch of well designed industrial lamps. The setting is completely mismatched with different furniture and seating but everything somehow goes well.

What's On The Menu?

The menu we feel is a bit of a people pleaser and sticks to east-meets-west fusion, which is the current trend and can be found at every second restaurant in Indiranagar. Our Twisted Salli Par Edu, a classic Parsi omelette served on a bed of masala and potato sticks, came with tapioca sticks instead and was a well done interpretation we think. The tapioca added a bit of punch and the curry leaf-laced masala added a nice touch to the poached eggs. This was served with pao.

Our wait for the Prawn Ghee Roast was a long one, and the staff got us dessert before our mains. The Brownie Pudding, was really just crumbled brownies served with chocolate sauce and nuts. The Bun Cutlet Lamb sliders we ordered had way too much potato going on rather than the meat. But the ghee roast made us forget its late arrival because it was finger-lickingly good. Really that good! And it went so well with the flaky Malabar parathas. Our Nutella banana shake was also all kinds of good and was quite filling too. This could make for breakfast by itself.

Cause Apart

On our way out, we happened to run into the owner of Teal Door Cafe {LBB conducted this review anonymously} Shruti, who explained that the cafe had not launched yet and staff were still going through training. Aah teething problems! That explains the brownie before the ghee roast. We also learnt that 90 per cent of the staff here are women who come from some sort of an abusive background and the cafe was training them to be self reliant and get back to normal life. That’s a first for the city definitely and we love ourselves a venture that has its heart in the right place.

So, We're Thinking...

While the menu still needs some work and so does the service, but we are going back here for the Prawn Ghee Roast and the pretty cafe setting. Plus, a cafe with a good cause? We are sold.