Move Over Caffeine: Give Your Days A Healthy Start With Temptey's Milkshakes

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What Makes It Awesome

If you seek health in shakes then Temptey's is a place for you. The shakes served at the Temptey's provide a good amount of dietary protein and fiber to our body. They serve a variety of blended protein shakes, granola shakes, and berry shakes.

Want more reasons to try the shakes at Temptey's? Apart from normal ice-cream milkshakes, Tempteys makes and serves delish yogurt shakes and smoothies to give your day a healthy start or break. The probiotics in the shake help strengthen your immune system to fight against those foreign harmful germs all day long. It also contains potassium to help curb hunger and vitamin B12 to help your nervous system. We bet you don't need more reasons to try their shakes. Even the gelato based shakes have all natural ingredients, are protein-rich and an absolutely healthy option, anytime.

The fruit hunter in me loved the berry feast shake which was a perfect blend of forest berries, strawberries and grapes, store made ice-cream topped with whipped cream and strawberry syrup. The shake looked like a dream.

Temptey's also has a great pick for the fitness enthusiasts on the menu. Their Ola Granola is a blend of protein, granola and cornflakes topped with store made ice cream and honey. The shake was absolutely scrumptious and healthy.

So what are you waiting for? Make Temptey's your default stop every morning for both, health and taste.

What Could Be Better?

Everything at Temptey's was absolutely great.

What's My Pro Tip?

You can also take kids along as this place has a great variety of milkshakes for them too. There are many branches in Hyderabad so you can find the nearest one on maps or if you're feeling lazy, order on swiggy and zomato.