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The Legendary Subbayya Gari Hotel From Kakinada Is Now In Bengaluru!

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When I came to know that Subbayya Gari Hotel has opened in Bangalore, that too near my location, one I could not control my excitement, second I requested wifey to not to cook lunch the next day. I went and grabbed their Butta Bojanam home with as much excitement as that of a kid in candy land.

Right from the way they pack the food in the eco-friendly basket, with banana leaves, to the 20+ dishes, the authentic taste, I absolutely loved everything about Subbayya Gari Hotel in Bangalore. Finally, this is a benchmark for other Andhra restaurants in Bangalore to standardize what they serve to actually resemble a traditional Andhra meal.

My gold standard to judge any Andhra restaurant would be the pappu, which was absolutely fabulous here, right from the spice levels to the consistency, to the taste, everything was just perfect. The variety of rice they served was Puliogare and Tomato rice, both were just right in terms of taste and tanginess. The vegetable stir fry was crispy and perfect, the potato side was delicious

A special call-out goes for their buffalo milk curd, which is thick, creamy, cold and fabulous, it is a must-try with the avakkai pickle, that takes me back to the meal I had in my friend’s house in East Godavari district.
.There were a few disappointments though, the food was not very hot when packed, and instead of three different sweets (that they are known for) there were just three pieces Kakinada Kaja.

Looking forward to a dine-in experience soon, to enjoy the Andhra hospitality