Love Thai Cuisine? This Newbie In Worth Every Penny!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Bo Tai, Bengaluru, is upscale dining newbie near JW Marriott to indulge its patrons in a Thai gastronomical journey. Bo Tai did really swish the wand to bring out such best wonderful vegetarian dishes from Thai cuisine - my heartful thanks for that. Simple ambience with vibrant bar counter which makes colourful soothing lively refreshing Thai cocktails makes the dining easy and indulging. I am obviously invited to try their vegetarian menu but I have already decided to take my hubby on a date to try their pork ( best is what I heard of).

We started with their great grand,
* Bangkok boulevard: the golden drink with Chivas 12 years, sweet herby vermouth made of tropical herbs, barks, flowers which is homemade (a million thanks to rupa to make taste it as it and it was so wow), honey-lime and a hint of sparkling wine - wait, another must-try is next
* Full moon festival - this is literally like a famous full moon fest of Thailand which happens every full moon, so young so refreshing, blossoming, fragrant, aromatic because of vermouth and pandan tincture and expect a hint of spice from bird chilly too - if you don’t try these two I would suggest better don’t go here.

Started with Classic oriental starters,
* Preserved raw mango avocado - buttery avocado slices are brushed mildly with green paste and served along with fried dry coconut flakes and onions, chilli powder, salt and a mild tanginess to balance - a burst of flavours in the mouth and perfectly spiced.
* Crystal radish dumpling - tender radish grated and sautéed in butter, mild herbs and filled in a dumpling which is made to look like a radish served with mee krop -a Thai crisp noodle is sautéed in sweet-sour sauce - quite a creation in terms of taste and presentation.
* Corn burnt spring dumpling - dim sums are presented as a beautiful plated thai flowers with a filling of corn, asparagus and burnt pungent spring onions took the taste to a different level - wow
* Corn cake sliders - this one made a non-burger person to think big, a yummy corn patty along with spicy-sweet Thai chilly jam is stuffed in between steamed fluffy steamed buns and these sliders are paired with crisp lotus stem to give that crunchiness - wow
*Corn curd - corn curd sautéed with basic pepper and deep-fried and some gorgeous colourful salad dressing on it are what we think when we look, once we bite that we can see a wobbly naive texture inside that warm hard texture - the best corn curd I have ever had.
* Crispy bean curd crushed black pepper - most peppery, spicy, the garlic-ky appetiser we tried for the day which was hard looking from outside and warm cooked silicon tofu inside.
* Stuffed mushroom corn and cheese - simple corn cheese stuffed mushroom sauteed in special Thai herbs - spicy and yummy.

After these yummy appetisers, we were very sure that we would just settle with some Thai green curry and jasmine rice - spicy, coconut-y Thai green curry with fragrant jasmine just made us enough for the day- one of the best Thai green curries I tried so far..!!!

Desserts again raised the benchmark for the regular Routine cremé brûlée and Chocolate tart
* Coconut creme brûlée- as I said every dish here challenges us to expect more, If we think of ramekin the showed us. Dry coconut filled with custard and jaggery is used for that hard layer of caramelisation- Top-notch
* Chocolate tart is dark and strong with filling of Belgium chocolate in the tart - chocolate lovers are not disappointed.

Bo Tai is undoubtedly in my top 3 list of best Thai in nammuru and should I again say “I do recommend”. Come here to experience one of the best oriental majorly Thai cuisine.

What Could Be Better?

All well and Perfect

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae.