Thalassery Cafe In Kammanahalli Will Sort Out All Your Kerala Snacks Needs

    Kammanahalli, Bangalore


    If you are craving  hot, hot Kerala snacks such as fritters, Thalassery Cafe in Kamanahalli is the place to be. Not hard on your wallet either!

    Who Is It For?

    This is a budget friendly option with almost always standing room only.

    Must Eat

    Aythikya Appam {Banana Fritters}, Paruppu Vada {Dal Fritters}, Alees Ulees, Samosa, Chai

    How Was My Experience?

    This is not to be confused with Thalassery Restaurant opposite. This is a tiny cafe to meet all your cravings from Gods Own Country. I have never seen the pavement outside this place empty post 3pm.


    Stand and eat for the ultimate Kerala thatt kada {eating from a cart or a hole in the wall place} experience.

    Where: No 63, Nehru Road, near Honest Bakery, Kammanahalli

    Price: INR 300 for two

    Contact: +91 9886840403

    Timings: 8am-11pm

      Kammanahalli, Bangalore