This Bangalore Based Theatre Troupe Is Breaking Stereotypes With Plus-Sized Actors Taking Centre Stage



    Making a case for inclusivity and body positivity is this new theatre troupe in town with an ensemble of actors who also happen to be plus-sized {not that it should matter in any way}. Bangalore, say hello to The Big Fat Company {TBFC}, that will be doing productions soon.

    Bigger And Better

    If anything, mainstream media has always shown us that the comic relief has more or less to do with a ‘fat’ character. You have more chances of being taken seriously if you happen to look a certain way. Well, changing that and the general casting stereotype around plus-sized actors is Anuradha HR and her theatre troupe, TBFC. A plus-sized thespian herself, Anuradha started the troupe with 12-odd members who come from all walks of life and have been around the theatre scene for a while. While the actors and Anuradha herself are going through workshops and training to bring about a standard of performance that the group can conform too, they are also trying to educate the masses that ‘big’ doesn’t mean ‘funny’ always. While chatting with her, she tells us that the aim of the troupe is to question the casting aesthetics of production houses as well as theatre.

    The Big Reveal

    The troupe is part of a programme by the Untitled Arts Foundation, an organisation that aims to make arts and culture affordable, accessible, and approachable to the community. They have a space in JP Nagar that’s dedicated to the troupe as well as conducting workshops on reading, storytelling, and the likes, for both adults and kids alike. Currently, the troupe has wrapped up Phase 1 of their workshops. These workshops covered areas such as the issues that the troupe wants to talk about through their productions, defining a performance standard for the group, looking for stories, ideas, and sketches that provide content and context for their performances. While they are finalising on the production, they are also looking at raising funds for their upcoming performances that they are looking to start production in the coming months. Well, we can’t wait to see what the troupe brings to the stage. You can find information about the troupe and the organisation on their Facebook page here.