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A Bunch Of Girls Have Hidden Books For You To Find All Around The City, Just Like Emma Watson Did



    Spreading the joys of reading and a love for books, The Book Fairies are fluttering around all over the globe, including in our very own city, and hiding books, waiting for you to stumble upon them. And this book project is Hollywood actor Emma Watson certified!

    They're Real!

    Finally! Fairies we can wholeheartedly believe in. Famously spotted leaving one of her favourite books in the streets of Paris, actress Emma Watson brought worldwide attention to The Book Fairies. Now, with over a 100 countries involved, this literary movement is spreading their love for reading far and wide in the most adorable way possible. How does it all work?  A designated book fairy hides a piece of literature anywhere in the city waiting for someone to find them. Once found, it can be picked up for free and enjoyed. Once read, you can continue to spread the word {literally} by putting it back for the next person to find.

    For The Fairy In You

    Namma Bengaluru has also gotten in on the action and has its very own clan of five fairies that are changing our lives one book at a time. In collaboration with Penguin Books, our book fairies got their hands on 15 copies of Arudhati Roy’s novels {some of which are signed by the author herself}, including The Ministry Of Utmost Happiness that’s hot off the presses, and they’ve already hidden these in different parts of the city. Psst! Here’s a big clue for you — the books are hidden in places that have been recommended by LBB {think cafes and restaurants}.

    For The Fairy In You

    The hiding is done by a Book Fairy, who is someone with a deep love for literature waiting to be shared. They’re a bit hard to spot, like real fairies, as they try their best to stay anonymous. We discovered that Bangalore has five of it’s very own that work dedicatedly towards this cause. You might spot one with a green tote bag slung across, leaving a good book that’s easily identifiable by the bright green stickers or ribbons that are usually attached to them, in a discreet yet discoverable spot. And here’s the best bit. Anyone can be a book fairy. If you have a pile of books you want to pass on, or simply want to share a book each time you finish reading it, order your ribbons and stickers from their official website here and get to hiding the goodies around town. Follow them on Facebook and Instagram. They might even drop some more clues on where you can find the books. Happy book hunting!