Need Woolens, Suitcases And Raincoats For A Winter Vacay? This Commercial Street Store Is Best

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What Makes It Awesome

Don't go to The Brown Shop expecting a fancy place. It's not. But it's like a secret cave filled with everything you will need for you holiday to Ladakh or Lucerne! The stock and variety this place offers is astounding. As much as they lack in presentation of their wares, they make up in options. Be it thermals or just thin fleeces, or raincoats or shawls, you'll find that jackets aren't the only way to keep warm here!  

The basement stocks the handbags, school bags, strollers, duffle bags, suitcases, hard tops and soft, and offers them in a comprehensive selection of sizes and shapes of suitcases ranging from INR 1,500 upwards. They not only have the big names like VIP etc, but also some domestic labels which are more affordable. We don't know how durable those are, but with low prices, we presume they have at least a few years on them.

The top floor is packed with sweaters, jackets, shawls, caps, gloves, raincoats. They are mainly local brands but you might find a few brands like Raymond too. The best part is that the place is swarming with staff and is happy to show you an assortment of warm clothes and don’t mind if you choose just one. They have sizes starting from a two year old right up to adults and also stock XL sizes. Should you not be needing anything for travel, they also have thick blankets and woollens that will last you years. 

What Could Be Better

While the staff is helpful, they can get overwhelmingly involved in your shopping! 


Do take precautions while you head to Commercial Street. Wear your mask, and maintain social distance, as the crowd hasn't particularly thinned.