The Cinnamon Oats Clusters Cereal By Monsoon Harvest Is Tasty, Nutritious And Kids Will Love It!

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Cinnamon Oat Clusters & Multigrain Flakes with Apple (350g)

Cinnamon Oat Clusters & Multigrain Flakes with Apple (350g)


What Makes It Awesome

All you parents who struggle to get the kids to eat cereal (and that includes those of 30-ish year olds like my Mum and Dad!), or those of you looking for a healthy and tasty breakfast option, the Cinnamon Oats Cluster cereal by Monsoon Harvest is for you! I love that you can actually see the cereal, seeds and actual pieces of apple from the outside. It's staying true to the name of the breakfast option that is Cinnamon Oat Clusters & Multigrain Flakes with Apple. The oat clusters are chunky, but the rest of a mix is easy to eat and soaks in the milk very well. They use palm jaggery instead of sugar which is fabulous to ensure I don't have too much extra sugar. Apart from that the breakfast mix has sunflower oil, flax seeds, freeze-dried apples, multi-grain cereal to make breakfast really the most nutritious meal of the day. I usually thoroughly dislike cereal, but this one I love. Healthy, tasty and not boring! What a win! It's really crunchy, so let the milk soak in if you like your cereal soggy. For me though, I love that the flakes and clusters don't quickly dissolve into the milk. I like having this with cold milk so that it retains the crunchy textures!

What is also great is that the cereal comes in an easy-to-use ziplock bag, which means you don't need to be transferring it into a box.