Dessert Addicts, You'll Love To Munch On Some Tasty Treats At Meraki Patisserie In Jayanagar

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What Makes It Awesome

Creating magic from her own home, an architect turned baker - Uthishta Kumar - makes the most intricate, delicately designed and yummiest desserts. Balanced flavours, that yin and yang of salt and sweet, mixed with the perfect textures make her desserts unforgettable. Must-haves - apple pie, chocolate hazelnut loaf, vanilla bean cupcakes, tiramisu and mixed berry galette. Don't miss the custom designed cakes with intricate sugar or fondant work - based on your preference.

What's My Pro Tip?

Since these cakes are so delicate - you'll have to arrange for them to be picked up.

Anything Else?

If you have a knowledge of desserts and understand ingredients and the balance of flavours, this place is for you.