The First And New Brewery In Hsr Is Serving Amazing Cocktails With Pretty Ambience

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What Makes It Awesome?

Heard about the launch of this new brewery in HSR, and immediately flocked there with my group. Brother Barley Brewing Company is a nice place, spread over 3 floors, with an amazing screen on the first floor. We sat on the ground floor, which was slightly more peaceful, and you could talk to each other. The lighting was still quite dim, yet not dark or shady. The service staff was quite courteous and helped us decide what to eat. Even the service speed was quite fast. They had some of the most amazing cocktails. While the price might seem high, but they use some of the freshest ingredients which are evident from the way they taste. Even the food, it looks expensive on the menu, but the quantity is good. The following section gives a brief overview of all the items that I tried:

For drinks I tried:

Shamrock (8.5/10) - This was their wheat beer which was nice and quite mellow in flavour. Characteristic of wheat beers, it was slightly sweet and didn't really have any aftertaste, which is what I liked the most.

Hayek Storm (8.5/10) - This had a base of tequila along with tamarind, jalapenos and grape juice. Overall, it was nice, and not so much tangy as such, but slightly sweet at first and slightly spicy after.

Drunken Nariyal (9.5/10) - One of the best tasting cocktails that I've ever had, you have to try this when you visit them. It had fresh coconut water added to it along with rose syrup and grenadine which gave it a slightly dark pink colour. It also had tender coconut slices added to it which I loved inside!

For food I tried:

Light Tomato and Apple Soup (8/10) - It was a decent and soothing option in terms of taste and didn't have cream added which made it light. There were small pieces of apple scattered throughout which gave it a nice sweet and sour taste with enough spices.

Sprouts Salad. Meusli with Seasonal Fruits (8.5/10) - I actually found this quite refreshing because of the ingredients they used. Everything was nice and crispy, and it was served cold. It was slightly sweet, with the sprouts adding that slightly salty and earthy contrast to the juicy fruits.

Mexican Cheese Nachos Veg (9/10) - I just love my nachos, and this was a really nice version of it. It was loaded with toppings that included cheese, tomatoes, onions, kidney beans and there was actually loads of sauce even on the bottom-most layer. Most other places have dried up pieces lying at the bottom.

Chicken Ghee Roast (8/10) - This was decent, with the chicken pieces being nice and juicy, however, I expected this to be a lot spicier.

Hussein Nawab Lamb Sheekh (8.5/10) - The Seekh was nice and that earthy flavour of the mutton mince, but what really struck me was the quantity of the dish. There were 6 medium sized pieces of seekh kebab, which is a lot more than I've had anywhere. Moreover, the seasoning was on point, the only other thing that could be improved was that it could be a little spicier.

Chicken Biryani (8.5/10) - Love a nice biryani along with my beer, and this didn't disappoint at all. The abundance of fried onions just added to the aroma, and of course the taste. Not only was it fragrant, but every bite was full of flavour. It had a nice masala coated chicken, which was nice and soft. Probably the only main course you should order here along with the fresh brews!

Mango and Coconut Pannacotta (8.5/10) - This had an amazing flavour of mango in the form of a mango jam with fresh mango pieces at the top. The coconut pannacotta rested at the bottom. These two came together really well, however, the pannacotta seemed slightly curdled.

Banoffee Pie (8.5/10) - One of my favourite desserts, it was on point in terms of flavours and sweetness. It wasn't overwhelmingly sweet, which can often happen with this due to the overuse of toffee and adding more sugar to it. However, it wasn't properly set. If it was, would have been pretty much perfect!

Overall, an extremely nice place, the first brewery in HSR, and with loads of potential. Will definitely visit them again, especially once they introduce the Stout.

What Could Be Better?

The price even though their serving size is good.

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