Answer The Call Of The Wild At The GrassWalk Jungle Camp Near Hyderabad

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What Makes It Awesome

The GrassWalk Jungle Camp, on the periphery of the Damagundam forest is a quick getaway from Hyderabad. Who doesn’t want rustic camping when it’s all about eco-tourism. Almost lost-in-time, this oasis of charm is just about 90 minutes from the main city of Hyderabad. Quite an iconic camp since it was apparently started by the seventh Nizam of Hyderabad, it was originally a sanctuary for those unwell to recuperate. Although it was a hunting ground before during his predecessor’s reign. Now, evolution has made it a great camping space surrounded by dense forest, fresh water springs and wildlife.

A real escape from civilisation (you don’t really get network connectivity even), you’re encouraged to really treat it like the old-school camps and learn the tricks of the jungle trade. That said, The GrassWalk Jungle Camp's tented accommodation is luxurious even for the la-di-da sorts to enjoy. The English tents, with large roomy interiors, have interesting cottage-like décor, but with canvas on the outside.

The African tents though, take the jungle theme more seriously featuring wooden patios, deck chairs and four-poster beds thanks to the European influence on safari camps. These tents are more the real deal and you’ll have to crawl into the lantern-lit spaces for the night. But with campfires, star gazing and bird-watching all part of the agenda, it’s what we recommend over the permanent camp, especially in the months of winter. 


Don’t try and sneak in any alcohol. It’s a reserve area so it’s totally illegal. Also, tone down the colours you wear to more earthy ones and try not to scream and play loud music.