Handspun With Care, Dyed In Ayurvedic Herbs & Crafted To Last: Dress Better Now!

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What Makes It Awesome

If clothes represent you, The Handmade Store is the kind of representation you want. Once you check out their line of dresses, tops and kurtis on the LBB Shop, you will learn that this eco-conscious brand's values are something you must embrace with open arms! Take out the checklist and tick away because everything is -- handcrafted (skillfully handspun, handwoven, hand embroidered and handmade), fairly made, cruelty-free, dyed with ayurvedic components (keeping hku away from skin infections and cooling the body), chemical free, results in minimal waste and most importantly is made in India.

Now that you're in love with their ideals, shift your focus to their designs and do the same. If we had to be succinct about it, we'd describe The Handmade Store as no-nonsense comfort and effortless style. Take their Blue Spaghetti Strap Kurti with wooden buttons for detailing or the Embroidered White Floral Dress -- both dripping in minimalist chic! Every piece of fabric is either cotton or khadi, so you can live in these whether you choose to wear them out for a long day or at home. To style at home, we'd recommend the White Shirt Crop Top and the Strappy Striped White Ruffle Top.

THS also makes very subtly embellished festive or zoom wedding kurtis with gold embroidery, if that's something you're looking to add to your wardrobe. Their line starts at the INR 1,300 mark, it may seem a tab bit pricey but for the process followed and the quality you get, the splurge is worth it! 


In addition to clothing, The Handmade Store also makes handmade natural bath and body products like soap and soy and beeswax scented candles. These are available on the LBB Shop too!