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The Indian Family Sticker Offers Quirky Car Bumper Humour

Roshni posted on 04 February


The Indian Family Sticker lets you celebrate the little quirks that define your family, in the form of car bumper stickers.

A sticky business

Ever thought about the odd traits that each member in your family has? And, how each household, right from Bengali to Kannadiga, seems to have their own idiosyncrasies that define them? Here’s something that lets you caricaturise all these interesting details to create your own unique car bumper stickers – The Indian Family Sticker (TIFS). Started by Cherian Kunnath (a city-based automotive design engineer) and supported by his partner, Neetu Varma, the venture also hopes to make those endless traffic jams a little more bearable with their fun stick figures of an entire family.

Quirky figures

With its lively user interface and designs, the website lets you create your personal family stickers (printed in clear vinyl substrate) in a few simple steps. Go ahead and have fun picking your favourite designs from their two categories. The Where You’re From section has figures for different communities like Tamilian Family, Punjabi Family and Marathi Family, among others. Or choose one from their What You Do category which has options based on interests and professions like engineers, musicians, writers, fitness people and brunchers. You can mix up figures from the two categories as well. From parents and grandparents to babies, older kids and pets, you will find a stick figure avatar for every member in your family. We love that they also have characters usually seen in the Indian cultural setting like the Malayali footballer, Pandhukalli Pappu, the Marathi cricketer, Deadball Damle and the petrol head Fullspeed Francis. The stickers come with instructions on how to apply them on to your car.

Price: INR 49 upwards

Find them on Facebook here.

Check out their website here to create your own sticker and order online.