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Get Your Dose Of Craic, Whiskey, Leprechaun Luck At The Irish House

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A massive place, perfect to get down for some boisterous craic {that’s Irish for fun}, cocktails, beer offerings and  a magnificent view from the traditional beer garden setup outside, The Irish House will tick off all boxes that make for a good pub.

Chow Down

Cajun Sweet Potato Fries, Pesto Pasta, Grilled Chicken Burgers and the Fondue {mostly for the novelty if not taste}

Sip On

PLAN B,  Jameson’s Spern {yes, really}

Winning For

Quirky decor, ginormous portions and a spectacular view of the city.

Lowdown On Ambience

A huge wood-panelled room covered with frames {mostly with drinking quotes, odes to beer and whiskey}, The Irish House is resolutely a pub by look and feel inside. With a breezy and refreshingly green wrap-around balcony, picnic benches and trellises working as their Beer Garden, there’s nothing stopping you working on Irish time. In fact, the clock here runs on Irish time! That also translates to: drink anytime you like!

All-Day Nibbles

We love the menu! It’s large, has photos of all the dishes and makes you want to order everything you see. That said, it’s a tad disappointing that typical Irish pub grub {we hoped for Coddle and Irish stew}, there’s plenty of American, Italian and Mexican offering! We kicked things off with Cajun Sweet Potato fries, and the fact that it vanished within five minutes is testament to the taste! Homemade tacos were next, and we’re fans of the crunchy, thin tortillas that didn’t mask the tang of the salsa or the fiery BBQ chicken. The Irish Lions Chicken Tenders were spot on — golden-fried to perfection. Vegetarians can pick the grilled cottage cheese and baby corn skewers, for a nice hit of the chunky pineapple butter sauce it comes topped with.

Heavy Stuff

For those in a large group, we suggest sticking to starters aplenty. Oh! And fondue too {which comes in beer or jalapenos variety} into which you can dunk mushrooms, roasted potatoes, tomato wedges and foccacia croutons. We alsohave no complaints against the Cheeky Grilled Chicken burger that came loaded with paprika mayo, an egg, cheddar and mozzarella and a sweet chilli pineapple relish. Our pick of Hunter’s Penne tossed with pesto cream sauce, sunblushed tomatoes {we couldn’t find more than one though}, mushrooms was tasty too. Next visit: Irish Stout flavoured roast chicken and Fish ‘n’ Chips, but hopefully not with Basa.

Whiskey Affair

When here, make sure Plan B is your Plan A. A cocktail of vodka, mint, beetroot and OJ, this one’s refreshing and doesn’t hit you at once. Jameson’s Sperm was great too, and the unexpected addition to the Jameson, orange and grape juice, was a dollop of whipped cream. We can wait for Jim Beam to be back in stock to try out the Weissen Sour that blends wheat beer, whiskey adn orange bitters. Beer drinkers can look forward to bottled ones from Kingfisher to Hoegaarden. Draft will hit the pub soon.

So We’re Thinking

With a fantastic view, great grub and enough space for a date, a family set-up and a wild night out, we’re heading back {yes, despite it being in Whitefield} soon. Now if only someone would be too kind as to get a license for Guinness. Be ready to splash out a bit though, as it’s not quite budget level.