Pizza, Nacho, Sausage, Or BBQ: All Sorts Of Loaded Fries Are Coming Soon To This New Cafe

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A lover of loaded fries? Yes? Us too! So when we drove past a new signboard which reads The J. Can you imagine how excited we were? Wait, you don’t know what The J is? A little hole-in-the-wall cafe that started in Mumbai, this one is all about fries and milkshakes {such as Nutella, Oreo and other classics}. 

If they follow the same format, then you can choose some of their pre-existing combinations — tandoori chicken fries to burrito ones. Or, if you are into DIY, then all you’ve got to do is pick you base — regular fries, masala fries or green banana fries. Then choose toppings that range from sausages, cheese poppers, crushed nachos to beans, batter-fried fish and chicken popcorn. Wait, there’s more! After all, this comes with a drizzle of sauce. In that category, they have options like pizza sauce, chilli flake ketchup, jalapeno chilli, chipotle, Schezwan and more. Aaah, we’re dreaming of all these combinations already. Hurry up and open The J! 

Watch this space for more…