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The Lord Of Burgers Is Here To Stay!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Burger Seigneur is here to stay! This is by far the best burger and premium coffee place I've been to in Bangalore. The burgers are super fine and the coffee is Arabica and 100% Himalayan. I recently went here for lunch and I came back a happy girl.

To start off, I had the Dynamite Shrimps which were absolutely delicious. They were moist, seasoned well and cooked to perfection. I love shrimps in general and it was hands down one of the best I've had.

Moving on to drinks, I tried the following:
- Lychee & Thai Bird Chilli Mojito: Trust me when I say this, it is not your regular mojito. It is a perfect Summer drink with a hint of Thai Bird Chilli which adds a zing to the drink. Loved it.
- Watermelon Cold Brew: Now I love cold brews and cold brews only. I am always on the hunt to find good cold brews and this place won my heart with all the cold brew varieties they have. This unique drink, as its name suggests had fresh watermelon added to their cold brew. I highly recommend you guys to try their cold brews which come in different flavours like orange and tender coconut. This is basically for people who like cold brew but don't like it too bitter.
- Esmeralda Latte Cold; This drink is one of their specialities and believe me, the best cold latte ever. It had pistachio and it could not be more perfect. I loved the consistency of this coffee and I would go here again just for this. #HiglyRecommended
- Iced Coffee Shakerato: Nothing can go wrong when you make a kick-ass iced coffee like a shake. It is thick in texture and I loved it.
- Mixed Berry Thick Shake: If you don't like or want coffee or any of the soft beverages and if you like fresh berries and milkshakes, you must try this mixed berry thick shake. It is absolutely fresh and delicious. Made out of fresh berries and a consistency that makes you taste everything fresh in each sip. It's like a thick smoothie but so much better.

Coming to the burgers, I tried:
- Lucien: This is a vegetarian burger with a mushroom patty, caramelized onions, sun-dried tomatoes and a French cocktail sauce. This is unique in its flavour like every burger that they serve. Each burger comes with a different cocktail sauce and tastes unique. The patty is custom made to fit the bun. Their bun is one that doesn't crumble. It is soft and this burger is a must try for the vegetarians.
- Jack The Ripper: This is a signature burger with fried chicken patty, franco-honey sauce and fresh jalapeno band coleslaw. I really liked this burger and it was quite heavy.
- Dynamite Lamb: This is another one of their signature burgers and true to its name. I usually don't like Lamb burgers but their minced lamb patty was succulent and absolutely delicious. The unique ingredients for the toppings included pomegranate, nachos, pickled jalapenos and Bay Bay sauce.
- Paris Delice: This is the best beef burger I've had till date and not just in Bangalore. It has a perfectly cooked beef patty with beef bacon, grilled mushrooms and franco-honey sauce. Yes, you read that right, beef bacon is a thing and it is nasty! I loved it. This is hands down the best beef burger and you must try it if you're in Bangalore.

Overall I had a fantastic first experience. This is a pet-friendly place and the ambience is thoughtful and classy. I loved the fact that they have so many plants and the aesthetics are on point. All the recipes have been well researched, tasted and experimented with for almost 2 years before launching it for the public. Even though they are high on the price point, I highly recommend you to try it and see for yourself. #BhookhiBellaRecommends

What Could Be Better?

They're a little high on the pricing but the food quality makes up for it.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Bae, Kids, Pets