A Scented Candle For Every Occasion: This Brand Also Does Fragrances & Florals Too


    What Makes It Awesome

    Be it gifting or adding a whole new aura and fragrance to your space, The Maeva Store has you covered with their extensive collection of scented candles, home fragrances, and florals. A chandler (NOT the character from Friends) is someone who makes candles and The Meava Store is one such chandler who makes candles for any occasion that you can think of. From sweet macaroon scented candles for baby showers to the flirty rose-scented ones for Valentine's day, the brand goes all out with their scented candles collection. 

    If you take a look at their website, you will know what we are talking about. It's not just scented candles in glass jars that they do. You've got a whole range of candles in various shapes and designs. For instance, you've got these cute-as-a-button cupcake candles in strawberry and vanilla fragrances. They also have floater candles that you can float on a small pool or water filled glass bowl. The options are endless. So are the fragrances.

    Apart from scented candles, they do a whole range of home fragrances, florals, and accessories. Home fragrances include essential oils (such as lavender, lemongrass, and chamomile), diffusers, and fragrance sachets that you can leave them around at various spots in the house. The floral arrangements are made using dried flowers and you get a whole range according to the occasion as well as home decor pieces - carnation torans, wreathes, hangers, and table pieces (such as succulents). Oh, and you can buy a whole bunch on LBB!


    Head straight to The Maeva Store to get your hands on their adorable range of Christmas ornaments up for Grabs till Christmas. They have gone all out to bring the joys of the season home and these are well curated pieces. We love the Reindeer Ornament, priced at INR 199 for a set of two and the Winter Green Bauble and the Golden Pine Cone X-mas Ornament. They have ball candles and pillar candles too. Lastly, for it to truly smell like a winter home, get the Winter Frost Potpourri Jar.