Earn Your Ice Cream The Hard Way At This Ice Cream Kiosk In Vega City

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After delighting, disappointing, and delighting us with ice cream in the end at Koramangala, The Marash has opened up at Vega City. A kiosk on the ground floor, you’ll spot the towers of cones (and possibly hear the teasing bell tolling) before you get there. Serving the famous dondruma (stretchy ice cream that they really tease you with while testing your patience), try chocolate, pistachio, or saada (vanilla equivalent). 

While the server with his long scooper gives you just a cone, tissue, and takes away what you thought was yours, don’t be disheartened. You can be sure that someone (ideally your bff) will be recording your expression when you finally do get your ice cream. If you (or your friend would rather not go through the whole ordeal, they do offer other flavours like strawberry, nutella, red velvet and cookie crunch, and seasonal specials. You can even get toppings over it if you like. Costing about INR 300 for two people, enjoy your well earned ice cream while browsing the mall, or sit down at the the (limited) seating area for a short break. Either way, it’s worth it.