Calamari Rings To Meen Moilee: Something’s Fishy In Indiranagar At This New Seafood Restaurant

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Winning the hearts of those who love seafood, Bangalore is finally getting The Marina, a restaurant that is already in Chennai and Myanmar. Focussing on seafood, that too fresh and not frozen, the idea of The Marina is to offer the city a budget-friendly option. And we’re thrilled because let’s face it, who hasn’t fallen off the chair when the bill for two little pieces of fried surmai arrived.

Since the owner, M Mahadevan is from Chennai, you know fresh seafood is of prime importance. So don’t go here expecting to get all the fish all the time; but they do a great job of actually have a massive choice. Once you pick from the fresh catch of the day, choose how you want the fish cooked — grilled, steamed or fried. There’s a selection of traditional Indian recipes and also Western options. We’re hoping to have a mix of both because when there’s the option of Mango Curry or the typical Kerala-style Pepper Roast masala, as well as Cajun Grilled or fajita, you can’t pick, you just eat them all! Who’s dreaming of Prawn Moliee, Meen Mulakittathu, Crispy Calamari Rings, Meen Pollichathu, Nethili Dry Fry and Malabar Curry? Yeah us too! Oh, and vegetarians, we hear they’re rather inclusive and there’s quite a diverse menu for you as well.

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