Tintin Chairs To Medieval Wine Bottles: Up The Decor Quirk With This Design Studio Store

    What Makes It Awesome

    Do up your house, or at least the balcony with some quirky, upcycled decor and furniture from The Otherworld Shop.

    Upcycled is in, and how. And why not? Nothing like making cute and functional decor out of things you’d otherwise just throw away. That said, if you’re like me, then you’re thoroughly incapable of making anything yourself. Enter The Otherworld Shop, an e-commerce design store which is all about giving back to nature. They use a wide range of materials like soft rubber, porcelain, etc.

    We love the Tintin low table which is made from cane and a seat that has Tintin and other characters from the comic book. Then there is a furniture set made from metal and used tyres, which is perfect for a garden or patio of a funky home. We are also eyeing an edgy and elegant reusable bottle which looks like the Bocksbeutel (that classic wine bottle shape) used for wine. This too can be used for wine or beer, or as a sipper bottle even.

    You’ll find the Tintin go-back chair as well, which is made from tyres and metal, painted with comic strips featuring the detective, Captain Haddock, Snowy, Thomson and Thompson. Also, check out the beaten metal tray which is rustic yet beautiful. And the best part, prices start at INR 500 for smaller things and INR 750 for the larger decor pieces. Furniture begins at INR 1,500. Their products are now suitable for a variety of buyers in various spaces, such as both home and office. Not too bad for unique merch, eh?


    Their products have inventory tie ups in Mumbai, Goa and Ooty, and finished products are being made available across various stores in India and abroad.