This Stationery Boutique’s Got Linen Notebooks & Fruit-Scented Greeting Cards!


The Paper Company—an online stationery boutique handpicks the most beautiful and luxurious paper products from around the world.

What Makes It Awesome

Do you often find yourself scrolling down your Instagram feed and lusting after beautifully illustrated notebooks, planners, and wrapping papers? Don’t feel shy—we’re completely guilty of it too. Thankfully the folks at The Paper Company share our love for beautiful stationery, which they’ve harnessed to bring us the best paper goods from renowned design houses and independent stationery labels from around the globe, such as Clap Clap, Snow & Graham, and Bloomwolf Studio.

From wrapping paper to calendars, travel journals to luxury pencil sets, everything in their inventory has been curated with care. One thing that got our eyes popping was the collection of greeting cards that come with fragrant chips that’ve been dipped in essential oils and dried to perfection. Brilliant, right? So, you can pick one from grapefruit, sandalwood, rose, germanium, or even a botanical garden! Their lizard-textured leather notebooks with gold embossed lettering is the perfect way to add some old-school charm to your stationery collection. Want some pineapple print and polka dots? They have that too.


You can get cards, notebooks, and stationery personalised to have your name (or any text really) on it.